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Cana Communities celebrate Good Friday

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Orchard Hills NSW 2748

It was about 3.00pm on Good Friday when a group of Cana Community members assembled at the Orchard Hills farm to commemorate the sacred events of 2 millennia ago. After brief introductions, Sr Anne served us coffee, tea and what she called “warm cross buns”. The children preferred the fresh macadamia nuts they collected from the trees lining the driveway.

Half an hour later, in the breezy sunlit afternoon, led by 3 very eager dogs, we strolled downhill towards the dam for the stations of the cross. Well, it was more a meditation on those significant events of our faith. Fr X started our simple ceremony with a few words and a hymn and we all joined in. X carried the cross and we headed uphill towards the cottage stopping at a few stages for some prayerful thoughts. Sr Anne reminded us of the central presence of women at those events and so the women and girls carried the cross for one lap of the procession. At the shady top of the hill, we stopped to share a few more prayers and thoughts and to hold palm-leaf crosses, distributed by two of the girls. The ceremony ended with all of us – unrehearsed and quite naturally – fanning away from the cross as if to the four corners of the earth, strolling away with our own thoughts.

Later, Br Bernard told Sr Anne that the ceremony was “very real” and it made us all feel as one. Indeed. Its simplicity flowed so naturally in the outdoor setting that it vividly brought to mind the mystery of life and death itself. Out there, standing in the beautiful surrounds, in the evening sunshine with lovely friends, in the cool breeze, it was easy to be struck by the ephemeral nature of earthly life. Certainly, some of us there would be gone in less than 40 years! Clearly, without God’s love through the mystery of our faith, salvation through the cross of Christ, which we had just commemorated, all would be meaningless.

The afternoon gave meaning to our lives. Life is so short. Life is so beautiful. We can’t waste any time on negative behaviour. Every single precious moment must be spent making ourselves and others happy … it’s like learning the language of Heaven on Earth! That’s what Cana Communities is – isn’t it?

I think everyone is looking forward to a repetition of this event in 2013.

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  1. Mary Walsh says:

    What a moving experience. I thought as I read it that the “Cana” people of Jerusalem would have lined the streets and walked with Jesus long ago.

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