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Moulamein celebrates Women’s Day

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National Women’s Day is a day devoted to the celebration of the achievements of all women across the world. It is a day where we can reflect on the great changes that women have made to society and the immense accomplishments and goals achieved throughout history.

On 28 March 2012 over twenty women from the surrounding district of Moulamein (a small, isolated country town) in the south-west of NSW gathered. They came to enjoy time with each other, celebrate, reflect on their lives and the challenges it brings and share their experiences and insights around the issues associated with loss, grief and change. Rich treasure indeed.

Together the group learned the importance of having a positive attitude and being passionate about their beliefs and strive to achieve their goals. This can be achieved through hard work, positive attitudes and never giving up!

Throughout the day there was the opportunity to be “guests” and “supporters” of each other. While the journey is not over yet there is the understanding that there is still a long road to travel and each and every one is a part of the journey.

Ann McRae pbvm, Wagga Wagga


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