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30, Apr

Orchard Hills NSW 2748 It was about 3.00pm on Good Friday when a group of Cana Community members assembled at the Orchard Hills farm to commemorate the sacred events of 2 millennia ago. After brief introductions, Sr Anne served us coffee, tea and what she called “warm cross buns”. The children preferred the fresh macadamia […]

18, Apr

During March and April 2012 we gathered rural farming parents from Lockhart to facilitate and experience the reflective Parenting Program Bringing Up Great Kids. Relationship and reflective practice is the heart of the program. Lockhart is a 50 minute drive west of Wagga Wagga NSW and was a community severely affected by recent flooding rains. […]

18, Apr

National Women’s Day is a day devoted to the celebration of the achievements of all women across the world. It is a day where we can reflect on the great changes that women have made to society and the immense accomplishments and goals achieved throughout history. On 28 March 2012 over twenty women from the surrounding district of Moulamein […]