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Queensland Sisters celebrate Jubilees

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Saturday 18 February 2012 was such a joyful day when we rejoiced with three of our special women – Agatha Freeman (Diamond), Joan Cusack (Golden) and Cathy O’Keeffe (Silver). At the celebration after the liturgy, Kathleen Tynan, Congregation Leader, gave a brief insight into each of the sisters’ lives – she spoke of their commitment, adaptability, generosity, profound experience, sometimes difficulty and struggle and sometimes sheer happiness, and most obviously, wisdom in the choices and opportunities that have been open to Agatha, Joan and Cathy.

The liturgy was an expression of diamond, golden and silver lives we celebrated. The main celebrant, Fr Adrian Farrelly, picked up the theme of diamond, gold and silver so deftly and gave it both lightness and depth. The musicians and singers were a reminder of the talent that is in our midst. The sisters were very happy to have retired bishop, Ray Benjamin, con-celebrate. Both Fr Adrian and Bishop Ray are very good friends of the sisters.

During the liturgy, the three Jubilarians renewed their commitment to live a just and simple way of life as members of the Queensland congregation, to live in relationships that promote compassion to all, and to be open and attentive to the message of the gospel and to keep our service of others faithful to the example of Christ. All the sisters present then proclaimed together our Focus for Mission as Queensland Presentation Sisters.

The three Jubilarians were very pleased to have many family members, friends and their sisters of the Queensland congregation celebrating with them and were very grateful for the many blessings they received.

We give thanks to our God of abundant life and ask God to continue to nourish us, inspire us, and call us, that we might help to make God’s reign more of a reality in our day. (from the Prayer after Communion in the Jubilee Eucharist)

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